Complex Made Simple

Available Assets

Nutanix: Foundation Assets

SE, EPS, & SA Foundation Content

Energy Exemplar Europe – Foundation Assets

Pre-Sales & Sales Foundation Assets

Energy Exemplar Americas – Foundation Assets

Pre-Sales & Sales Foundation Assets

MGR101: Exponential Coaching

Situational Coaching Best Practice Skills for Growth

OM201: Stakeholder Management

Navigating & Motivating Opportunity Stakeholders

OM210: Value Discovery

Linking Your Value to the Customer’s Buy Criteria

OM212: Business Impact Discovery

Uncovering Business Impact and Strategic Motivation

OM213: Execution Challenge Discovery

Uncovering Execution Challenges and Tactical Motivation

OM220: Building a Value Story

Creating a Story Based on What Matters

OM230: Value Presentations & Demos

Lowering the Risk of a “High Risk” Event

OM250: Negotiation Preparation

Preparing for Effective Value-based Negotiations

OM251: Negotiation Execution

Executing Effective Value-based Negotiations

OM301: Decision Influence

Navigating & Influencing Opportunity Decisions